Lionsgate and Snapchat Launch John Wick 3 AR Contest

If you're a John Wick fan and want to play a little contest, Lionsgate has launched one with Snapchat looking for film-inspired AR lenses. As part of the promotion for the upcoming film, they're looking for some talented creators to make their own lens inspired by the film with a chance to win a Continental Coin! We have the details for you here, but if it were us, it would be a filter where you get cut and sweat a lot as you talk in the middle of a bullet storm.

Starting today, John Wick fans can create their augmented reality fan art using Snapchat's Lens Studio, a free desktop app that empowers anyone to create, build and publish their own AR experiences called Lenses on Snapchat. After downloading Lens Studio, fans can visit to download graphics, emojis and other authentic assets that are all pulled straight from the world of John Wick. Once fans have built and published their Lens, they'll end with their own Snapcode that unlocks their Lens to use on Snapchat and can share it with others.

Finally, participating fans can create a Snap using their Lens and send it to Lionsgate Movies (Add Lionsgate Movies on Snapchat from that Chat screen by tapping the "add friend" icon in the top search bar) for the chance to win a one-of-a-kind grand prize: a real, solid gold Continental Coin from John Wick (valued at $1,500). Twenty-five additional winners will receive John Wick prize packs.

Fans of the franchise can check out and play with Lenses made by other Snapchatters at and in Lens Explorer in Snapchat. In fact, Lionsgate teamed up with several of Snap's Official Lens Creators to showcase how fans can use Lens Studio to create their own fan art. Starting today, check out John Wick-inspired Lenses from the following Official Lens Creators:

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