OP Gaming Rangers Snag the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic Title

This evening, the OP Gaming Rangers have officially staked their claim in the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic, taking the championship and part of the $400k prize pool. 24 teams across several regions were vying for the prize with some of the biggest names in esports having a team in the running, but at the end, the South Korean team outlasted them all and took home the title. We have details below from FACEIT on the tourney as well as a couple quotes from the ceremony.

credit//Joe Brady

The FACEIT Global Summit was the first global event of the 2019 PUBG esports season and marks the end of Phase 1. Adding to the celebration, OP Gaming Rangers, Shoot To Kill and Team Liquid each gained an additional slot for South Korea (PKL), North America (NPL) and Europe (PEL) respectively, at the PUBG Global Championship later this year.  OP Gaming Rangers were crowned FACEIT Global Summit Champions after an epic series of battles through the Group Stage, an Elimination stage, and then sealing the win in the Grand Finals. Twenty-four teams from North America (NPL), Europe (PEL), Korea (PKL), China, Japan (PJS), Chinese Taipei/Hong Kong/Macau, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Oceania flew in to compete in the first ever PUBG Classic, marking an important piece of esports history.

‘With this event we set out to kick off the 2019 PUBG esports season with the kind of epic, dramatic and fan centric tournament that a game like PUBG deserves’ said Michele Attisani, Co-Founder & CBO of FACEIT. ‘OP Gaming Rangers played incredibly well throughout the tournament and more than earned the win, whilst every other team who competed brought their absolute best, making it a true fight for the ages.’

Jake Sin, Global Esports Manager for PUBG Corporation said “this was a fantastic tournament for PUBG and we’re proud of the remarkable competitive spirit we saw from all of the teams. We wanted to do something extra special for the end of PUBG esports Phase 1, and the FACEIT Global Summit has been the perfect exclamation mark for that.”

credit//Joe Brady

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