Two Weeks Till Free Comic Book Day 2019 and Here Are 30 Previews – What Are You Planning?

It’s two weeks until Free Comic Book Day. Bleeding Cool has already run a tonne of previews ahead of the big day. Look for that to be upped in the two weeks ahead with teases, spoilers (prominently marked), events and store spotlights. We’ll put everything on our FCBD2019 tag…

If your comic book store is running any special events for the day above and beyond giving away free comic books, let us know, at

If you are making free comic books above and beyond the 51 official titles, whether in print or digital, let us know too.

For now, here are previews of thirty of the titles to be released…

  1. Vertical’s Preview of Kino’s Journey
  2. Stories Not in Joey Weiser’s Ghost Hog Graphic Novel
  3. Art Baltazar’s Gillbert Launches
  4. Jeffrey Brown’s Original Lucy & Andy Neanderthal Story
  5. Starburns Presents a Sci-Fi Anthology
  6. Arcana Tells You to Go Fish
  7. YouNeek Studios’ Malika – Fire And Frost
  8. Joey Ellis’ Wolfie Monster for Scholastic
  9. Zagor The Alien Saga 
  10. Brenna Thummler’s Sheets Sequel
  11. A History of Little Lulu
  12. Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama in English
  13. Pokemon: The Movie, I Choose You
  14. Massive Preview of Joe Benitez’s Brand New Lady Mechanika Story
  15. My Hero Academia and Promised Neverland
  16. Riverdale Season 3 Premieres
  17. Sakura Vs Karin to the Death in Street Fighter
  18. Blastosaurus Makes a Real Stink
  19. Midnight Sky – James Pruett and Scott Van Domelen
  20. Priest Writes Vampirella for 50th Anniversary
  21. The Tick Free Comic Book Day 2019 is a Sequel to 2018’s One
  22. Image Comics Reprints Spawn #1
  23. The Polar Vortex Reaches Bloodshot #0
  24. Massive Preview of the All-Star H1 Universe from Humanoids
  25. Ahead of Gerard Butler – The Dark Age/Afterburn
  26. Deadly Class’ Brand-New One Shot
  27. Brand New Superhero Comic, Hope
  28. Animosity Tales Gets All Aquaman
  29. Eric Powell Publishes Grumble Vs The Goon
  30. 2000AD’s Funny Pages

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