More Details Emerge from FFG’s “Allies and Adversaries” Codex for Star Wars RPG

Details began popping up like womprats a few months ago about Allies and Adversaries, the first major codex for monsters and non-player characters for Fantasy Flight GamesStar Wars RPG system.

More Details Emerge from FFG's "Allies and Adversaries" Codex for Star Wars RPG
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The first two NPCs announced for Allies and Adversaries were Jyn Erso and Empreror Palpatine, which is just the tip of the iceberg with over 100 characters and monsters planned for the book.

Now, we have a few glimpses into a few more characters thanks to FFG’s news updates!

Grand Moff Tarken:

More Details Emerge from FFG's "Allies and Adversaries" Codex for Star Wars RPG
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Grand Moff Tarkin’s influence reaches far beyond the Death Star project. As one of the galaxy’s most powerful political and military commanders, he may become involved in virtually any major Imperial situation. The completion of the Death Star occupies much of his attention, but his support of additional projects, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn’s TIE defender, can lead him to other weapons development and manufacturing facilities in the galaxy. If Rebel PCs become too effective or popular, he may personally lead a force to deal with them.

If your players don’t take Tarken seriously as an opponent, remind them that he shot Orson Krennic with the Death Star. That’s pretty messed up.

If that still doesn’t have them shaking in their boots, you can always throw a vicious Wookiee bounty hunter at them!

Black Krrsantan:

More Details Emerge from FFG's "Allies and Adversaries" Codex for Star Wars RPG
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

A disgraced Wookiee in exile, Krrsantan fled Kashyyyk by volunteering to fight for the Xonti Brothers. Without Krrsantan’s consent, the Xonti Brothers grafted mechanical enhancements to Krrsantan’s body, making him practically invincible in gladiatorial bouts. Enraged, the black-furred Wookiee fled, eventually becoming an elite bounty hunter hired by the likes of Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader. However, much of his time is spent partnered with Doctor Aphra, who has promised him a lot of credits and a lead on the Xonti Brothers. Krrsantan has sworn to repay the brothers in kind, in some twisted version of the traditional Wookiee life debt.

Black Krrsantan has been one of my favorite villains in the Star Wars comics lately, and he should definitely bring a lot of menace to your games if you decide to throw him in the mix!

Fantasy Flight Games does such a fantastic job with these books, with amazing artwork, too!

Star Wars: Allies and Adversaries is available for pre-order from your local game store now!



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