Skylanders Ring of Heroes Will Receive “The Doom Raiders” Update

This morning, Com2uS announced a new update on the way for Skylanders Ring of Heroes as the game will soon be getting “The Doom Raiders”. The update will be giving you three new companions who may or may not be the best of allies, but they can certainly pack a punch and bring some chaos to the game if you’re looking to spice things up with your choices. Here’s a complete rundown from the company on all three which includes Chompy Mage, Gulper, and Chef Pepper Jack.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Will Receive "The Doom Raiders" Update

Chompy Mage: A default 3-star support type villain. His skill “Power of Life” heals an ally with the lowest HP and casts [REGEN] for a number of turns depending on his skill level.

Gulper: A default 3-star defense type villain. His skill “Power of Gulper” attacks all enemies and gains [FOCUS AGGRO] for a certain number of turns depending on his skill level.

Chef Pepper Jack: A default 3-star attack type villain. His skill “Southern Hot-Spit-Tality” and is anything but hospitable, it inflicts damage on an enemy and casts [ATK DOWN] for a certain number of turns depending on his skill level.

As they are villain companions, they all have the Passive Skill “Deactivate Summoning” which will deactivate the summon after using a skill a certain number of times. In order to acquire these villains, a new dungeon has appeared: The Hall of Chaos. There are 2 difficulties for this dungeon: standard and extreme. The standard dungeon will randomly appear when you clear any stage in adventure mode. The extreme dungeon can be randomly found when clearing the standard dungeon or it can be unlocked by leveling up the Chaos Level. The Chaos Level can be attained by clearing the standard dungeon. You are able to enter the dungeon once a day or you can refresh your entrance tokens by using a Chaos Coin.

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