Immortal Hulk Kotobukiya ARTFX Premier Statue on the Way

The Immortal Hulk, the best Hulk run of comics in the last decade, is being…ahem…immortalized in a statue from Kotobukiya. Part of their new designer line of ARTFX statues, the angry green guy will come perched on a pile of rubble. Featuring finer detail work and an amazing sculpt, the Kototbukiya Premier line is their premium statue line moving forward. Other releases announced so far include Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Look for preorders for this Hulk to go live soon, and check it out for yourself below. We will update you all when it is available to order.

Immortal Hulk Kotobukiya ARTFX Premier Statue on the Way

Pre-orders for the fourth ARTFX Premier statue are coming soon!

Based on the 2018 Immortal Hulk comic book series which returned the green-skinned giant to his roots, the transformed Bruce Banner delivers a titanic “Hulk Smash” to the base on which he stands.

In order to give the ARTFX Premium statue a sense of overwhelming power beyond the likes of what can be seen on a computer monitor, the initial prototype was created using clay that was scanned and transformed into 3D data. Then Kotobukiya’s team could fine-tune all of the important, subtle details like the textures of the Hulk’s skin and shredded trousers.

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