A Living Paranoid Comic: We Played Liberated at PAX East 2019

We paid a visit to the crew at Atomic Wolf over at PAX East this year and got treated to an interesting comic book game called Liberated. This game takes place in a future where tech basically spies on you at every turn, as you are monitored in-depth and all of your actions are judged on a system. You cut off an old woman crossing the street, you skip a guard rail, you don't pay for a train ticket… all of that is calculated into crimes against you until you're deemed a troublemaker. When released, you are picked up by an organization who likes your skills as a hacker and wants to put them to good use, trying to free society from the chains they currently live in.

A Living Paranoid Comic: We Played Liberated at PAX East 2019
credit//Atomic Wolf

Liberated plays out like an old noir comic book, moving from panel to panel as you play a hybrid platformer where your life is constantly on the line in the middle of some pretty cool storytelling. There are points where the story dragged in the demo, mainly because there's a ton of exposition and you're kind of being thrown head-first into all of it without much backstory or previous action. I enjoyed the game but I would like to see more of it before I can decide how I like it. Right now, the game has no official release window, so it appears we can't even guess when we'll see it again. Probably at PAX West would be our safe bet.

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