[Star Wars Celebration 2019] The Clone Wars Returns to Thunderous Applause

If there was a sore spot with the Star Wars fandom [before the The Last Jedi broke a few brains] it was that The Clones Wars got canceled too soon. It was one of the animation things that everyone agreed on and much like Young Justice, the other canceled before its show, came back on a streaming service it was announced last year that The Clone Wars would be coming back for a seventh season on Disney+.

The show came back because of the fans demanded that Dave Filoni and his team get the opportunity to finish their story so it makes sense that they would show off the first footage to a crowd at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. The room was packed full of fans eager to see the show return because, for an entire generation of younger kids, this is how they got into Star Wars. This show and these characters mean a lot.

Star Wars fans love all things Star Wars but there was something special about this panel that couldn’t be experienced over a live-stream. There have been some energetic and passionate panels but this one, with the knowledge that the fans played such a large role in getting the show back, made it special.

There was a nice recap reel at the beginning and room was quiet as everyone scenes from the previous six seasons. People cheered whenever a new picture or piece of concept art appeared on the screen. A young fan who got the chance to watch from the stage looked like he was about to pass out when he got a hug and a selfie from Ashley Eckstein. It was another panel at Star Wars Celebration that showed that while fandom can be the worst it isn’t all bad.

[Star Wars Celebration 2019] Clone Wars Returns to Thunderous Applause

The three clips went over like gangbusters as got teases for what we can expect from the next season. There is a decent chance that at least two of those will be online soon since they streamed the footage. The full panel will likely be on the Star Wars official channels eventually but it was the trailer that really lit the room up quite literally. The lightsabers of every color were in the air as the entire room jumped to their feet and applauded the trailer. There was genuine joy in the room that could hardly be replicated.

It was lovely when fans of Young Justice got to see their show come back better than ever and just as good as they remember and it truly looks like The Clone Wars will be the same. Filoni even hesitated to bring back the show because of the scope of it all and didn’t want to half ass it. Eckstein cried when they showed a clip that Filoni once described to her. This show clearly means a lot to not only the fans but the people making it as well. There was passion on the stage and within the audience and it showed.

It seemed to be more proof that this is still a good fandom even if some very loud people are trying to ruin it for everyone else on the internet.

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