Dead By Daylight Offers a Developer Update With Bug Fixes

Behaviour Interactive has decided to address some of the biggest complaints in Dead By Daylight in the latest Developer Update for April 2019. The company did acknowledge some areas that they are working on, which includes the infinite loading screen, matchmaking issues, and dealing with games that have less than five players. However, some of the new updates that have gone into effect (which we have listed below) include new dedicated servers, a new end game collapse to make the final dash more interesting, and a rework of Freddy Krueger. You can read the full blog here.

Dead By Daylight Offers a Developer Update
credit//Behaviour Interactive


Back in December 2018, we announced that we will be bringing Dedicated Servers to Dead By Daylight by Summer 2019. We are currently testing the Dedicated Servers internally!

Migrating to Dedicated Servers is a process that will roll out over time, first on the PTB, and then, to a segmented percentage of the population on the live environment. This gradual roll out will allow our team to gather data and feedback to ensure the smoothest transition. The first public tests should happen in the next few weeks.


The upcoming mid-chapter patch will include an update to The Legion. This is something the community has been requesting since its release back in December 2018. Stay tuned as we will reveal these changes in a blogpost next week.


The upcoming mid-chapter will feature a major update to the end game. The objective of these changes is to make the end game more dynamic and exciting. We will reveal the new End Game Collapse in a video next week.


When we rework a killer, we aim to improve mechanics and powers by changing and adjusting existing concepts. For Freddy, we wanted to change the gameplay while staying true to the license: we realized quickly this is not something we could possibly do easily with our normal rework methods. The Freddy update then became a full gameplay overhaul. The rework is something more complex than we ever did for any killer before. We wanted Freddy changed, but we wanted to do it right and it would take more time than we anticipated.

Based on this knowledge, we decided to focus on global game mechanics or problems that affect a larger part of the Community (such as End Game Collapse & Infinite Loading). That being said, we have made a lot of progress with the Freddy Rework in the last couple of months and we will be able to give more details next month.

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