The Walmart Report: DC, Marvel, Slime and Zenescope

Andrew Rubio, roving Walmart buyer and slime specialist, tips off Bleeding Cool to the latest news on the stands.

Hit a couple of Walmarts looking for the Detective Comics 100-Page Giant #1. No luck. I did notice that the last batch of DC Giants are mostly sold out. The reduced numbers are making these harder to find.

The Walmart Report

I also noticed that a couple of the Walmarts had a new slime on the shelf directly above the books. I think they may be doing it on purpose at this point. At least these are better packaged.

The Walmart Report

Marvel had some new books packaged up, three for $5, including Avengers: No Road Home #1 which hit comic stores 7 weeks ago. They also had the latest Captain Marvel #1s.

The Walmart Report

Finally, off in the book section, I found a Belle: Beast Hunter trade from Zenescope. Nice to see an indie getting into the game.

Overall, a pretty slimeless week.

Rich says: We also get another look at those recent Marvel 3-for-$5.99 books…

That… would be Marvel, Dan.

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