Fireball Japanese Air Combat in Wing Of Darkness at PAX East 2019

We tend not to see a ton of flight combat games at conventions because the games usually sell themselves, so it was a rarity for us to check out Wing Of Darkness from Unties at PAX East. But the game was part of the booth we were checking out from the company, and the Production Exabilities title was one we hadn’t seen before from them, so we decided to give it a shot. Not gonna lie to you, beyond the controls that were laid out for us, we understood nothing in this game because all the dialog was in Japanese, so this is still a regional demo that hasn’t been translated yet. But basically, you pick a plane that has some awesome artillery on it and go to down defending the skies from being overrun by enemies.

Fireball Japanese Air Combat in Wing Of Darkness at PAX East 2019

The game wasn’t too hard to grasp when it came to the gameplay as everything was self-explanatory. Enemies were highlighted in red, allies in blue, you have a mothership of sorts and tons of smaller fighters and bombs coming out of it. Shoot down everything in red is the name of the game. I didn’t really have any issues with the demo, it played fine and people who dig the genre will get a kick out of it whenever it releases (no western date yet), but I would have liked to know what everyone was saying to me and pick up on some of the story happening. Overall, it’s good, but we need a deeper dive to fairly judge it.

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