When Peter Capaldi Came to Artists Alley at ECCC

At the big multi-media comic conventions, the big media stars generally keep to themselves. The stages, the autograph booths, the photo pose area, the green rooms backstage, the hotel suites and private bars and maybe a VIP party or three.

But Peter Capaldi is a comic book fan of old. So when he goes to a comic convention like Emerald City Comic Con last weekend, he does all the above.

And has perfected his Jon Pertwee hand-to-camera pose too…


And again.

And again.

But then goes and finds the kind of comics and comic creators he likes as well. At a Comic Con. And it’s enough of an oddity that is worthy of note. Especially by comic book creators.



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Day 3 #petercapaldi sighting at #eccc2019

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Maybe more media stars might like to try it? You don’t have to mask up to disguise yourselves…

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