Looking at Everyone in Mark Brooks' Art For Jonathan Hickman's House Of X and Power Of X

Looking at Everyone in Mark Brooks’ Art For Jonathan Hickman’s House Of X and Power Of X

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So, this got released at the weekend. Bleeding Cool readers may have been expecting something a little like this…

But what of the doubles?

Are these two Nightcrawlers? Is one of them Azazel? Or is that Nightcrawler smashed together with Gambit? Nightcrawler’s son with… I don’t know, someone red?

Are these two Storms? We have young child Storm and Mohawk X-Men leader Storm.

And three Wolverines, from Weapon X, New X-Men, and recently back in brown.

Is this Illyana looking like Colossus with a new hairstyle or Dani Moonstar with Colossus’ powers and Illyana’s armour and sword? The daughter of one of the Rasputins? A gender-switched Piotr?

Is that Vulcan or a grown-up Hellion?


Rachel Summer is full Phoenix.

We have X-Babies, as created by Mojo.

Emma Frost stands between Jean Grey (in her Marvel Girl gear) and Cyclops.

With Mora McTaggart and Professor X, the mummy and daddy of the X-Men, reunited, with the Cerebro helmet at his feet.

As we also have Bill The Lobster from Fallen Angels, last seen in the eighties, a mutant lobster with greater intelligence and strength than a normal lobster.

So that’s…. Warlock, Mr Sinister, Gateway, Age of Apocalypse’s Blink, Iceman, Sikorsky of the Starjammers, Apocalypse, Cable, Toad, Archangel, the Master Mold, Rachel Summers as Phoenix. Vulcan/Hellion, Marvel Girl), Thunderbird (either of them), Emma Frost, Jubilee, New X-Men Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, Dazzler, Storm, Firestar, Non-Cat Beast, Bishop, Lilandra, Nimrod, Nightcrawler/Azazel, Kid Storm, Weapon X Wolverine, Bill the Lobster , Moira MacTaggert, Cerebro helmet, Professor Xavier, Nightcrawler, X-Babies Havok, Wolverine, Illyana/Colossus/Moonstar.

Did we miss anyone?

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