Epic Games Releases Details About Fortnite’s 8.20 Patch

Over the weekend, Epic Games posted a set of “potential” bug fixes coming to Fortnite when they release the next 8.20 patch for the game. The reason they’re called potential fixes, as explained on the Reddit post, is because these are things they’ve noted are going to be eventually fixed but are unsure if they will make the 8.20 patch. For now, we kinda just have to kick back and see what get’s adjusted.

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Potential v8.20 Battle Royale Bug Fixes:

Weapons + Items

  • Fixed an issue where Clingers were damaging players through walls when stuck to another player.

  • Fixed an issue preventing Glider item pickups from displaying their stack count.

  • Smoothed out the motion of grenade projectile trajectories, which were lagging behind by a tick.

  • Entering a vehicle no longer plays the release sound of balloons if you have no balloons.

  • The balloon rope will no longer remain on your back when you run out of balloons.

  • Fixed an issue where players were flying out of a Pirate Cannon in a different direction than expected.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to enter a Pirate Cannon when close to other geometry.

  • Fixed the ability for players to finely tune Pirate Cannon’s ability to aim side to side.

  • Fixed an issue causing Buried Treasure to spawn loot on the Starting Island


  • Fixed an issue with the icy feet effect remaining on indefinitely while emoting.

  • Traps now do damage to The Baller vehicle first before damaging the driver.

  • Fixed issue causing some traps to be inside thicker structures, making them hard to see.

  • Fixed a rare occurrence of a player being invulnerable while DBNO.

  • Fixed the camera sometimes traveling too far when cycling to another player.


  • Fixed an issue where poor server performance could cause undesired effects on clients such as unnecessary movement corrections.

  • Added a fix for a rare server crash.

  • Made a small server performance improvement related to the Baller vehicle.

  • Updated animation budgets to be more performant on higher scalability settings.

Art & Aniomation

  • Fixed a bug where the destruction effects were not playing on the Baller when it’s destroyed.


  •  Fixed an issue where some items didn’t have proper audio when dropping them from inventory.


  • Fixed issue with Main Menu icons becoming off-center.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a player’s Squad Fill preference to reset to “Fill”.

  • Fixed an issue where scopes would be missing reticle lines on low settings.


  • Fixed an occasional awkward camera movement that would occur when switching to different view targets while spectating.


  • Fixed field of view on 21:9 devices.

  • Fixed an issue with quickbar and extra buttons that made it possible to cause fire state to be stuck on a continuous loop.

  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to jump on initial touch input.

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect building pieces to gain focus when editing.

  • Fixed missing outline effect for squad members.

  • Fixed minimap remaining on screen during Victory Royale sequence.

  • Fixed not being able to select building material while being a passenger in a vehicle.

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