Tom Taylor is Writing a Movie – No, Not Injustice Vs X-Men

Tom Taylor is one of the hardest working writers in comics and one of the least primadonnaish ones as well. He is happy to take on the projects that seem to hav ethe least glamour and prestige, then turn them into something very special. Whether that’s the game spinoff Injustice: God Among Us, with a DC Universe that many now prefer to the proper one, or DC’s golden age rejects in Earth Two, the red headed bastard step-child of a mutant book that was X-Men Red, and an All-New Wolverine without Logan. And time and time again, he has won sceptical critics round, showing there’s no such thing as a bad idea, just poor eXecutions. And he doesn’t do those.

He also happens to have a TV show that my kids loved that he really doesn’t talk about enough called The Deep based on one of his creator-owned comics. And he joined the writers room in the third season of Cleverman.

He previously write a short film called The Example shown at film festivals, as was his short musical A4 to A3. But thoese were almost a decade ago.

His profile has risen again of late at Marvel and DC, writing the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man series that will be dealing with Aunt May’s cancer diagnosis, and the high profile pandemic series about to launch at DC Comics, DCeased.

And now he is writing a movie. A big movie. The kind of movie that needs a big contract.

But not what you might have first-guessed at…

Any chance of A3 to A2? Congrats Tom. Remember us…

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