FOX And Friends Vs. If ICE Comes Knocking Comic

After their great success getting the Second Coming comic book withdrawn from DC Comics (and finding a home at AHOY Comics), FOX And Friends had less success whipping up a frenzy againts this week’s release from Image Comics, Jesusfreak.

But that hasn’t stopped them from finding another comic book to highlight over what they see as troubling content.

If ICE Comes Knocking is a biligual comic book series launched by the Sacramento Immigration Coalition this week, to teach children about their rights as asylum-seekers into the USA and to keep families safe when encountering officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Published online, it will also be distributed among Sacramento, Yolo, and San Joaquin counties.

Carlos Montes, a member of the group told press “This is a document that we are hoping will serve as a tool to remedy some of the situations that we are seeing in our community around Sacramento. We have seen families who have been separated, who have been detained at their jobs, so this document is a tool to help those individuals and families, as well as their allies who want to help with the pain that immigrant communities face.”

The comic includes real life stories as well as practical suggestions and solutions to problems with ICE. It talks about the constututional right to silence and the dangers of volunteering information unnecessarily, as well as the value of being prepared by keeping all necessary documents to hand, and preparing a list of contacts. But it tells children not to lie to authorities, not to run, points out the importance of legal representation and tells childen how to call an emergency number if they think their parents are in danger, as well as tipe for keeping families safe.

During a Fox & Friends the following day, Jedediah Bila expressed his outrage that the comic existed asking “Something that infuriates me as someone who used to work with kids, there’s a new comic book out, you know, What if ICE Comes Knocking, and it helps kids avoid the feds and escape…. What kind of message is this sending to kids, to everyone?” stating  “it helps kids avoid the feds and escape.” With former acting ICE director Tom Honan calling it “sad day in America when they create a comic book to shows children how to protect your parents from law enforcement” and calling the comic “un-American”, Bila concluding “It’s advocacy for total lawlessness.” Despite the comic stressing the importance of legal adherence…

Honan did also add that he has “no problem with people knowing their rights” but that the comic is “propaganda where people are being shielded from law enforcement.”

You can read the comic for yourself right here, as well as the newsletter intended for an adult audience.

The press conference and the FOX and Friends segments run below.

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