Brian Azzarello’s Erotic Thriller, Faithless, Doubled Its Orders for FOC

We’ve been telling you that Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet’s new erotic thriller at Boom! was going to be a thing. And no Batpenises or Batpeople doing it on a rooftop while a gargoyle watches needed. The comic seems to have caused a stor at ComicsPRO when they showed the contents, and the currently hidden cover by Tula Lotay, off.

Bleeding Cool featured Faithless on last weekend’s Thank FOC It’s Friday column. And it all seems to have had quite an impact. Because last weekend, for Final Order Cut-Off,  orders for Faithless #1 doubled.

This does not happen.

I’m told that Faithless #1 had initial orders of 15,000 copies but, that as of Monday, the orders are over 30,000 copies. And are expected to go even higher by the time of on-sale on April 10th.

For comparison, Image Comics’ two biggest new launches of 2019 have been the return of Brubaker and Phillips’ Criminal #1 with around 25,000 copies ordered and Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #1 by Mark Millar and Simone Bianchi which came in at around 35,000 copies.

Even more surprising about those Faithless #1 orders? The bagged ‘erotic’ variant by Tula Lotay was ordered heavier than the standard Paul Pope cover even though Boom! has refused to show it publicly. For a company that loves to issue press releases, they’ve been really silent about sharing this cover or really even talking about it, which leads us to wonder – is this the kind of cover that might attract the attention of One Million Moms or similar organizations?

And it’s already going for $10 on ebay, with a sneak peak of the cover that I don’t think Boom is gonna like getting out there so soon.

And then there’s the Lee Bermejo variant cover, reuniting the Batman: Damned team for a special cover and is easily the most rare of these three standard variants. Then UK retailer Sad Lemon also has their own variant by Unnatural creator Mirka Andolfo – and expect that to be the rarest Brian Azzarello variant cover ever…

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