Sketching and Roleplaying – Rick & Morty Vs. D&D with Jim Zub ECCC 2019

An idea that started at ECCC in 2017, Rick & Morty vs D&D the hit mini-series as co-written by Jim Zub was outselling the Umbrella Academy on Thursday, right after the trade paperwork was released. Jim did a sketch of Rick Sanchez as a D&D character while he chatted with Bleeding Cool about why the mini-series happened, Jim’s history with D&D, and how the unlikely mashup became a huge seller.

Jim also talked with us about his relationship with Wizards of the Coast, making fun of every edition of D&D, and why people are enjoying D&D so much right now. Also the D&D / Rick & Morty Live Play debuted Friday at ECCC this year, with Jim Zub playing Rich Sanchez Dungeon Master, and may be happening at other conventions … stay tuned.