Can You Spot Your Favorite Creator? Touring Artist Alley at ECCC 2019

It isn’t a quick walk, but going from beginning to end, row A to row PP, it is easy to see lots of talent, many art prints, and at least several comic book creators you know or read. Staring with Mark Brooks in the corner of row A and going by tables of Mathew Rosenburg, Donny Cates, Tim Sale and ending with Dustin Weaver ECCC had many many creators selling books, prints, and their autographs.

Moving deeper in on the first side Mike Mayhew, Emi Lennox, and Steve Lieber can be seen at their tables.

Michael Cho, Terry Dodson, and Jason Latour’s empty table sit on one side of the Artist’s Alley.

Jen Bartel, Kris Anka, and Jeffery Veggee Are on this part of the tour.

James Silvani, Amy Memberson, and others are visible in the last part of the tour before we jump up an across the building

Chris Roberson, Marat Mychaels, and Sana Takeda, can be seen in the last part of artists alley.

How many creators did you find?