Has Anyone Seen This Giant-Sized Detective Comics 80th Anniversary at Walmart?

Is this a surprise Giant-Size 100 Page – or rather an 80-page comic for Walmart? Detective Comics getting a one-shot #1 and a run through Batman’s history? As noticed by

Who tweeted this – and the pics below – a week ago. But I can’t find mention of this comic anywhere else. Did a Walmart get it early? Or I am Walmart-blind at this point?

Featuring the first Batman, Robin and Batgirl stories and more besides. Robert Venditti, credited with having written an original story with Stephen Segovia inside the pages seemed to confirm it too…

Has anybody else seen one of these in the wild?

Anyone else can to confirm a) its existence and b) what else is inside the pages? No one has even put one on eBay…

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