Where Were You in 1981? Mags Visaggio Teases ECCC Announcement

Comic book writer Mags Visaggio posted the following;

What could it be? Well, Emerald City Comic Con’s schedule suggests we could look to SYFY WIRE’S Fangrrls panel, Grrls Who Make The Comics We Love with Mags Visaggio, Agnes Garbowska, Hope Nicholson and Chryssy Cheung

Hmmm… that could be Chryssy doing a specific retro style. Not sure. But some people clearly know…

Lots of responses that folk weren’t born then, though this is probbly the closest to my ezperience.

A little less Duran Duran, a little more Madness… so, where were you in 1981? And where wil you be tomorrow?

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