Google Hires Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond Ahead of Gaming Reveal

Before Google reveals everything they’ve got going in gaming at GDC 2019, news came out that Jade Raymond has joined the company. Raymond leaked it herself on her Twitter account this week that she has joined the company as a Vice President, but didn’t go into detail about what the job entails. Raymond has been in the gaming industry for over two decades, starting at Sony in 1998, eventually working for companies like Electronic Arts on The Sims Online and Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed. She also founded Motive Studios and worked on a Star Wars game that never came to pass until EA folded the company.

It’s more than obvious Raymond will be involved in the gaming side of Google, but to what extent will be interesting as the VP role doesn’t seem to have any publicly defined parameters at this time. Considering the work we saw her do with Ubisoft, it wouldn’t surprise us to see her have a much more hands-on approach to what Google is working on, whether it be the hardware, creating games, working with other studios, etc. Hopefully, we get to hear more from her at GDC this year and find out what she and Google are working on.

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