Listen to Ryan North and David Lloyd at King Con

Jamie Colville is the undisputed king of the comic con attendee. So it is appropriate that he attend King Con, c comic book convention and arts festival in Kingston, Ontario and, while there audio recorded a couple of panels for us…

Writing Nonfiction and Comedy When You Mainly Just Know About Comics: A Talk by Ryan North (51:03, 46.7mb)


Ryan North spoke about his new Non Fiction book: How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler. He went through various important things that were invented and when they could have been invented, he spoke about other inventions, politics and not getting called a wizard and being killed for inventing stuff in the past.

Working On Comic Book Anthologies: Q&A with David Lloyd, Jack Briglio and Tom Fowler (1:02:17, 57mb)


Moderated by Adam Pottier, the topics included the difficulties in editing an anthology, slotting in stories when somebody can't finish the work on time for some reason, creators getting matched up that don't see eye to eye creatively, what a short story should do, the expanded creative freedom when contributing to a comic anthology, webcomics, writing for a collection and molding stories as an editor.

Here are some more photos from Jamie's gallery…

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