Oscar Isaac Wants to be Solid Snake, 'Metal Gear Solid' Director Responds

Oscar Isaac has thrown his name into the running to play Solid Snake for Jordan Vogt-Roberts' live action feature film take on Metal Gear Solid.

While promoting Netflix's Triple Frontier, Isaac spoke to IGN about what video game film adaptation he'd  like to be involved with during the roundtable discussion with the cast.

"Metal Gear Solid, that's the one. I'm throwing my hat in for that one."

Ironically enough in August 2018, digital artist BossLogic posted a rendering of how Isaac could look in costume at the commission of Vogt-Roberts, himself.

OK let's get back to serious Bid-NESS and that's rolling with the hype of a #metalgearsolid movie.
Wanted to try #oscarisaac he has a dope mean mug so I wanted to see how he looks. #henrycavill since I don't think I did it justice on the first one which was done quick #mgs

The popular Konami espionage video game franchise began in 1987 with Metal Gear created by Hideo Kojima. Surprisingly, MGS is only the fourth entry of the series after 1990's MG, Snake's Revenge(1990), and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990).

MGS, released in 1998 for the Sony Playstation, follows Solid Snake who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from FOXHOUND, a rogue special forces unit.

Isaac is aware of why video games don't tend to translate well to the big screen, as he proved by saying:

"With the video game thing, I think the trick will be how do you replicate the feeling of what it feels like to play a video game. I think where it goes wrong often is with the plots."

Vogt-Roberts responded on Twitter saying the casting process for Solid Snake hasn't even begun.

To everyone asking how I feel about Oscar Isaac saying he wants to be Solid Snake.
The full process required to cast an icon hasn't even started, but..
Ask @Bosslogic where the idea for his brilliant mock up came from.
The ball's in Oscar's court.

Do you think the Star Wars actor fits the role when casting begins? Who else do you want cast in the other roles? Sound off.

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