Spider-Man Forgets All About Great Responsibility in Next Week’s Spider-Sense of Adventure #1

When Spider-Man refused to stop a burglar, deciding it wasn’t his problem, it resulted in his Uncle Ben tragically dying, and unlike most Marvel deaths, Uncle Ben has only come back a couple of times, and usually it’s only temporary. For that reason, Spider-Man learned his most important lesson: with great power, there must also come great responsibility.

But Spider-Man seems to have forgotten that lesson in this preview of next week’s Marvel Superhero Adventures: Spider-Man – Spider-Sense of Adventure #1. Because the preview shows Spider-Man about to team up with Spider-Gwen to play the latest video game craze, Panic Island. And Spider-Man… plans to CHEAT!

Say it ain’t so, Spidey! Surely you won’t forget about everything that makes you a hero just to get a high score in a video game! Plus, didn’t Nick Spencer just do this recently in Amazing Spider-Man?

Well, true believers, you’ll be happy to learn that Spider-Man may have a good reason for breaking the rules. You see, Panic Island is turning kids into mindless zombies, and Spiders Man and Gwen are heading into the game to rescue them.

Okay, sure, that makes more sense. But do comics really want to be throwing stones at video games about rotting kids’ brains from their class house of ideas?

Marvel Superhero Adventures: Spider-Man – Spider-Sense of Adventure #1 will be in stores faster than you can say its title out loud (next Wednesday).

Marvel Superhero Adventures: Spider-Man – Spider-Sense of Adventure #1
(W) Sholly Fish, Ty Templeton, More (A) Mario Delpennino, Ty Templeton, More (CA) Jacob Chabot
Being a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man means friends and foes alike! But whether Spidey’s slinging jokes or slinging webs, he’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of readers of all ages! Come discover your Spider-Sense of adventure in the latest issue of this bombastic series that’s got everyone from one to 100 talking!
All Ages
In Shops: Mar 06, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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