The U.S. Government Steals Music From Nintendo For a Website

First Soulja Boy steals from Nintendo, now the U.S. Government. Seems like Nintendo needs to kick a few people in 2019. A few people on social media discovered a bit of an oddity over the weekend, as the Environmental Protection Agency’s website seems to have lifted some music from the game Yoshi’s Island DS to use on their flash-based site. It’s used as music for a recycling game they created to teach you about recycling and testing your knowledge in it.

The music for the website has since been permanently turned off so that nothing plays, but it’s clear the agency got caught taking some music that wasn’t their own. The agency itself has said absolutely nothing about the matter and apparently is refusing to acknowledge it ever happened, shy of the fact that you can’t play music in their little recycling game. We’ll see if Nintendo does anything cheeky in response, which we’re absolutely hoping they do!

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