Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Todd Phillips-Directed Biopic

Chris Hemsworth will play another larger-than-life figure as wrestling icon Hulk Hogan in a biopic directed by Todd Phillips.

Chris Hemsworth
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Phillips working alongside his The Joker scribe Scott Silver will reunite to work on the film. Joining them is John Pollono, who will co-write the script with Silver, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The likely outlet for the film is Netflix with an imminent deal closing. Michael Sugar, Phillips, Bradley Cooper, Hemsworth, and Eric Bischoff will produce the film.

Rising in the ranks of the American Wrestling Association (AWA), Hogan (Terry Bollea) found his voice early with his energetic style and managed by the likes of ”Classy” Freddie Blassie. When the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE) went national, talent from all over the wrestling territories flocked to the promotion owned by Vince McMahon, Sr..
The son, Vince McMahon, Jr. eventually took over making Hogan the centerpiece of his wrestling empire battling the likes of Andre the Giant, ”Rowdy” Roddy Piper, ”Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Ultimate Warrior throughout the ‘80s, which was christened, the Rock N’ Wrestling era.

Hogan’s star power in WWF vaulted the wrestling industry into the mainstream and his success translated to films like No Holds Barred, Mr. Nanny, and Suburban Commando. His best role to date was before the aforementioned films was 1982’s Rocky III as Thunderlips teaming with Mr. T as Rocky’s (Sylvester Stallone) opponent, Clubber Lang. As the face of WWF, Hogan donned the cover of magazines, frequented talk shows and made guest appearances on TV both live action and animated.

With McMahon favoring younger talent, Hogan made his way to McMahon’s rival promotion, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), owned by media conglomerateTed Turner and ran by Bischoff. After McMahon bought WCW in 2001, Hogan eventually found his way back to WWF, later rebranded as WWE.

Making appearances off and on for the company, WWE fired Hogan when his use of racial slurs was revealed in his 2015-16 lawsuit against Gawker Media.

Hogan’s recent return to WWE in 2018 was not without controversy. Despite apologizing to talent and staff, some still haven’t forgiven him. His last appearance to date for the company on WWE Raw saw him honor the late ”Mean” Gene Oakerlund who he’s known since their AWA days.

We’ll let you know what else we hear about the project as information becomes available.

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