QC Games Show Off the Medic in Latest Breach Content Drop

QC Games have released images and a trailer for the latest addition to come to Breach as the Medic joins the game in the latest content drop. Like a lot of healers in games, you’re super squishy, but that’s okay. The character actually plays really well as you have the ability to send microbots to heal people over time. You can still defend yourself, but your primary goal is to get more out of the team before they get KO’d. This is all part of Patch 0.1, which went into effect today, adding improvements to the game and a lot of bug fixing. You can watch the Medic in action below!

credit//QC Games

Summon Microbots to follow and heal allies over time and then redirect them to converge on enemies for burst damage. Use your ultimate to radio in a Microbot’s Triage routine, gradually repairing the wounds on all allies in a designated area. Having a Medic on your team of heroes will make your squad a force to be reckoned with!

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