Big Announcements From DC Comics Coming This Week

Three data points. Feel free to join the dots.

Point one. Today at DC Comics’ Burbank Studios, there is a mandatory editorial meeting for all staff, in which DC Comics executives will explain upcoming changes to the company – and those working there. Bleeding Cool has previously reported on two rounds of people being laid off, with more expected to come, as well as high-level rumours of just what DC Comics plans are, dubbed the New 22 – though denied by Dan DiDio. It is possible leaks may come from that meeting over the rest of the week.

Point two. On the same day, DC’s new wunderkind Brian Michael Bendis is running an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on reddit/r/dccomics. While this is an opportunity to, as it says, ask him anything, it’s also an opportunity for Brian Bendis to get out ahead of any leaks and make some announcements of his own.

Point three. Bleeding Cool has been told that whatever gets announced to DC editorial, will be announced to retailers at the upcoming ComicsPRO comics retailer industry event held in Charlotte, North Carolina, this week. Whatever is announced, is expected to go wide shortly afterwards.

The DC Comics presentation and Q&A session  is timed for 9:35 am  – 10:35 am ET this Thursday. Marvel’s presentation and Q&A with David Gabriel will follow from 11:10 am – 12:10 pm.

You may start your speculation engines… now.

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