Scott Z. Burns Has Been Reportedly Hired to Rewrite Bond 25

Apparently, it’s the weekend of delays and scripts rewrites. Yesterday, word came down that Bond 25 would delayed a further two months. The release date moved from February 14, 2020, to April 8, 2020, with no real reason given at the time. It seems we might have the reason for this troubled production getting delayed yet again now.


According to The Playlist, the production has brought on Scott Z. Burns to rewrite the script. Burns, as per The Playlist, is “one of the top emergency rescue script doctors in Hollywood. If your script is hemorrhaging, he’s one of the first people you call.” That seems to indicate that the current script is something the people over at MGM are not happy with. That isn’t that surprising considering how many people have worked on this script so far. The Playlist says that this is a script “overhaul” to the point that Burns might get a scriptwriting credit.

Earlier today we posted a story about how the Black Widow movie just got a new writer when production is set to begin this summer. That is a pretty close call, but this is even closer. Burns is being brought in to work on a script when production is set to start in April. That is cutting things very close and this is allegedly a very similar situation to what happened to Spectre. That script was a bit of a mess and hurt the movie overall. We can hope this movie doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

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