The Mother-In-Law of All Rick & Morty Adult Swim E4 Unboxings

Today sees the launch of Adult Swim on the British digital channel E4, a spinoff of Channel 4, and also on their free All 4 streaming app. Some of these such as Rick & Morty previously aired on Netflix in the UK, but now E4 and All4 are diving into Adult Swim fully.

Which is why they sent me a big package to open. And since my mother-in-law Monique was in the house, and knowing how well the Yellow Submarine unboxing went with my father, I thought, why not?

I thought she was great. And is keeping all the stuff it seems.

Check it out. And, if you are in the UK, check out E4 and All4… currently filled to the gills with 300 episodes of Adult Swim content, including;

  • Rick & Morty
  • The Venture Bros
  • The Eric Andre Show
  • Mostly 4 Millenials
  • Mr Pickles
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

And more to come…

All 4 is a video on demand service from the Channel Four Television Corporation. The service launched on 16 November 2006 as 4oD (shorthand for 4 on Demand) and offers a variety of programmes recently shown on Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and 4Music and shorts, as well as original material only available through the service. Unlike rival players, All4 has a lot of content, permanently available, going back to the birth of the Channel 4. On 30th March 2015, 4oD was merged into and renamed All 4.

Adult Swim is the adult-oriented nighttime programming block of the American children’s cable network Cartoon Network and its own television production studio Williams Street Productions.  Debuting in 2001, Adult Swim serves as the nighttime identity of Cartoon Network, and was established as alternative programming during the late night hours when Cartoon Network’s primary target audience, children between the ages of 6–15, would normally be sleeping. Much of Adult Swim’s general content is known for their experimental, risqué, unorthodox, crude, dry, and improvisational humor, along with purposefully cheap-looking animation, and often bizarre presentation…

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