Marvel’s Latest X-Men Rumours, Greg Pak, Greg Land and Giuseppe Camuncoli – G-Force?

A few more Marvel Comics rumours coming down the pipe, specifically regarding what’s happening with the mutant titles.

We hear that Greg Pak, currently writing Hulkverines for Marvel Comics, has one more title coming that’s related to Sabretooth. A new Weapon X to join Major X maybe?

I am told to look for Greg Land to rejoin the Uncanny X-Men team after drawing the Symbiote Spider-Man series – and covers for Hulkverines. Most recently Greg Land had been drawing Astonishing X-Men for Charles Soule. I am also told to look for Giuseppe Camuncoli who has been doing some covers for the series, joining Uncanny artist rotation.

I am told the plan is currently for Uncanny X-Men to continue twice a month, with a burst of weekly issues once a year. Despite some vocal voices against it, the retailer community in general feels a benefit from Marvel and DC weekly titles, getting the same faces through the door every Wednesday… it’s a good habit to foster these days apparently, and helps stop those pull lists from building up.

Yellow lights all round, if you remember that sort of thing, but this comes from folk who are usually bang on the money…

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