Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Announced for Nintendo Switch

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival for Nintendo Switch™ First Trailer

The Disney Tsum Tsum series of games is hitting the Nintendo Switch with Bandai Namco’s Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. The game was just announced, so we don’t have a ton of details about it.

But first, what is a tsum tsum?

According to Wikipedia, a Disney Tsum Tsum is a collectible stuffed toy popularized in Japan and based on famous Disney characters. The name is a derivative of the Japanese verb for “to stack” which is 積む or “tsumu.” You may have seen some of the collectible plush toys at a retailer, or even come across one of the many Disney Tsum Tsum games. Most involve the tsum’s stackability.

As for the Festival game coming to the Switch, it looks like it might be a collection of mini-games. Sort of like Mario Party without the game board. But we could be absolutely wrong.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will release sometime this year.

You can check out the announcement trailer below.

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