Why Tempt Fate, Tempo Storm, and Cloud9 Lead the PUBG NPL Phase 1

credit//PUBG Corp.

The first phase of the National PUBG League has ended, with 16 teams entering all on a clean slate. Teams Why Tempt Fate, Tempo Storm, and Cloud9 took home several quick wins to finish in the top three spots overall. Why Tempt Fate took the top spot with 77 points (47 kills), while Tempo Storm came in at 73 points (46 kills), and Cloud9 finished out the top three with 72 points (39 kills). Why Tempt Fate grabbed the most points, but also took in the prize for most kills at 47, making them the best team to come out of phase 1. Tempo Storm were the winners of the NPL Preseason event and kept up rather well in both points and kills.

However, the best moment of the phase had to go to Team Endemic’s “Somethang” who secured a win for Endemic despite being on his own for most of the round. You can check out Somethang’s supreme skill just below.

As for the other 13 teams, here are the final standings for the NPL’s 2019 season at the end of Phase 1.

There’s quite a bit of the NPL left, so those standings are absolutely liable to change. With some of the larger teams coming in the bottom 8, this could be a very interesting season.

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