The 'Game of Thrones' Death We're Not Okay With

The ‘Game of Thrones’ Death We’re Not Okay With

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Okay, sure, there are literally dozens of deaths in Game of Thrones that the average viewer isn’t fully over yet, but, THIS ONE GOES TOO FAR.

According to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner David Benioff just revealed how deep Queen Cersei’s hatred for all things Queen Margery goes- she. killed. SER POUNCE.

“Cersei hated the name ‘Ser Pounce’ so much she could not allow him to survive. So she came up with her most diabolical [execution]. Ser Pounce’s death was so horrible we couldn’t even put it on the air.”

Sure, the monarch who blew up the religious capital filled with people obviously has some anger issues, but to kill her dead son’s cat?! That’s just too much!

Fellow showrunner Dan Weiss added that the scene will be available in the Game of Thrones box set:

“If you buy the super-extended, super-charged Game of Thrones box set that comes out, the death of Ser Pounce will be in there. Just one whole episode devoted to the death of Ser Pounce.”   Okay, sure, there are literally dozens of deaths in Game of Thrones that the average viewer isn’t fully over yet, but, THIS ONE GOES TOO FAR.

The pair went on to comment about the perils of working with feline actors; Benioff saying “That cat was really not fun to work with. There’s a reason the phrase ‘like herding cats’ came into existence.”

“Dogs generally do what you ask them to do if they’re smart and well trained. Cats have their own agenda,” Weiss added.

Even Dean-Charles Chapman, who played King Tommen, didn’t know what happened to Ser Pounce, telling the Huffington Post:

“I don’t know [what happened to him], I suppose there’s a lot of staff around the kingdom to look after him. Hopefully, he didn’t get caught up in the blast. That’d be a tragedy. I like to think he’d also move on with his life and get a girlfriend maybe.”

HBO’s Game of Thrones returns for it’s 8th and final season on April 14th 2019.

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