Pokemon Go is Now Teasing Missing Gen 2 Pokemon Smeargle

Pokemon Go is Now Teasing Missing Gen 2 Pokemon Smeargle

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Niantic appears to be teasing the missing Gen 2 Pokemon Smeargle for Pokemon Go, which means we might finally have the whole Gen 2 roster in-game.

Niantic has been teasing images of the painting Pokemon on its social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

From GameRant:


Pokemon fans will recognize Smeargle as the adorable dog-like Pokemon that uses its long tail as a paintbrush. More familiar Pokemon fans will recall that Smeargle doesn’t learn abilities so much as copy them with its unique Sketch ability. It’s this uniqueness that likely led to Pokemon GO passing Smeargle over when Generation 2 Pokemon were initially added. Combat in the mobile game is very straight forward and doesn’t allow for much creativity.

But Niantic is now hinting that it may have figured out how to bring Smeargle into Pokemon GO. Both Pokemon GO‘s Twitter and Facebook accounts now feature teaser images splashed by paint. It’s either a teaser for the missing painting Pokemon Smeargle or, far less likely, a crossover with Splatoon‘s Inklings.

While Smeargle’s inclusion in Pokemon Go is not certain yet, it seems highly likely we’ll see the last Gen 2 Pokemon make it to the AR game soon.

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