Nightcrawler Starred in Titanic in Age Of X-Man (Spoilers)

Nightcrawler Starred in Titanic in Age Of X-Man (Spoilers)

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Bleeding Cool gave you the heads up on the Anti-Love and Anti-Sex Agenda of Age Of X-Man, the current mutant reality being published by Marvel right now, as well as what may have inspired it. But there was also an intriguing glimpse of romance in The Amazing Nightcrawler, the most famous man in the world and Hollywood star. Even with his strong German accent. But there is more to learn in the upcoming first issue, and Bleeding Cool has a few spoilers to share…

Nightcrawler having two of the Midwich Cuckoos as personal assistants is considered very shocking indeed, as they are brazenly and publically demonstrating that they are sisters and have a familial link. And in a world where romance and sex are forbidden and procreation is a government-sanctioned laboratory process, the only way they get away with it, is that this is Hollywood, full of debauched excess.

Which seems a parallel and allegory to homosexuality being ‘tolerated’ in the Hollywood of the early twentieth century, because one would ‘expect’ it of such people, a sign of debauchery, loose morals and the sinful actions of hedonism and excess. In reality, tolerance just attracted those who needed tolerance, and the nature of Hollywood status did protect some.

So it is, it seems, with the Sisters, with Meggan defending them from critical eyes.

Because in this world, Wagner truly is a star. He took Leonardo DeCaprio’s role in Titanic as well. But romance is still meant for the screen only. And his relationship with his shapeshifting co-star Meggan is definitely off-the-books.

And even if the Sisters are protected, what will the reaction be to Meggan and Nightcrawler is this affair of their goes public? Will it be a cause celebre for Apocalypse and his Pro-Love movement?

(W) Sean McGuire (A) Juan Frigeri (CA) Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, Federico Blee
•  From the Munich circus to Hollywood Boulevard, Nightcrawler is starring in his own solo series!
•  Kurt Wagner is the biggest celebrity slash super hero since Dwayne Johnson!
•  Juggling Kurt’s responsibilities as one of the X-Men and a slate of summer blockbusters would be tough without the best support staff in the business: Stunt coordinator Magma! Personal trainer Kylun! And of course, his leading lady Meggan!
•  But there’s something rotten in Tinseltown…
Rated T+In Shops: Feb 20, 2019 SRP: $3.99

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