The Return of the Funny Pages in Next Week's MSA Spider-Man Web of Intrigue #1

The Return of the Funny Pages in Next Week’s MSA Spider-Man Web of Intrigue #1

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Marvel Superhero Adventures Spider-Man Web of Intrigue #1 isn’t just the comic with the longest title on stands next week. It also brings a bonus touch of nostalgia in the form of The Daily Bugle’s Sunday Comics page, featuring some tributes to classic comic strips from yesteryear, like a Gary Larson Far Side homage called the Strange Side, a Peanuts homage starring Spider-Man, Nick Fury as Dick Tracy, and “It Better Not Get Worse.” Check out the funny pages below:

Can we get Ty Templeton and Kieren Smith to produce these every Sunday?

Marvel Superhero Adventures Spider-Man Web of Intrigue #1 hits stores next Wednesday.

Marvel Superhero Adventures Spider-Man Web of Intrigue #1
(W) Sholly Fisch, Jeff Loveness (CA) Jacob Chabot
• Power is a great responsibility but it’s a weight easier carried with friends!
• So, what happens when your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man meets up with his favorite Spider-Pals, Miles, Gwen and Anya?
• Hijinks, hilarity and heroism of course!
All Ages
In Shops: Feb 13, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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