Andy Runton, Creator of Owly, Asking For Some Help With His Dog

Andy Runton, Creator of Owly, Asking For Some Help With His Dog

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Andy Runton is the creator of the all-ages comic book Owly, a favourite of my youngest daughter. But it’s a different, and far less fictional animal that Andy is asking about today.

He writes.

Last Halloween our 5 year old little rescue dog, Gable, started limping a little. After a few vet visits and expert opinions, we thought he was on the mend. Despite our attentive care, Gable stopped using his back legs. We rushed him back to the specialist and I’m so glad we did. Gable needed emergency surgery to help his back. He suffered something called IVDD, losing multiple discs in his spine. You can read more about it here.

He made it through surgery and even recovered most of his ability to walk over the next 3 months.

Unfortunately he suffered another injury to his spine on February 2nd. Nothing major happened. He just didn’t want to stand up when it was time for bed. We were hoping he just needed some pain meds but he needed a second back surgery.

He was a trooper and came through great. We just got him home and once again he’s a sad whimpery mess. He’s confused and although this second injury wasn’t as severe, he still can’t use his back legs. We’re hopeful that he’ll heal and be able to walk once again.

We’re just so happy to have our little boy home but now we’re struggling with the bills. Anything you can contribute to help us with his expenses (now over $11,000), is greatly appreciated!

He has currently raised the first $1000, of a $5000 goal, including donations from Laura Martin, Tim Leong and Steve Conley.

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