When Creator Control of Comics Characters Goes Too Far...

When Creator Control of Comics Characters Goes Too Far…

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Brian Augustyn, writer/editor of The Flash, writer of Crimson, Gotham By Gaslight and story editor for Red Giant Entertainment, has had a varied career. Today he shared a tale of comic conventions past, from a couple of decades ago, published here with a permission.

A comic publisher hired actors to portray their newly introduced heroes, handing out giveaways and such. At the end of the first day, the writer/creator of an attractive lady hero (the fellow not known as a suave type) was seen actually chasing the actress cosplaying his charactor yelling: “Wait! Wait!! I CREATED you!” The young lady literally sped up to get into a cab before he could follow.

The sad fellow was last seen that evening unbelievingly forlorn at the curb. But he created her…!

It nay have been a ‘different time’, but even so… Naturally, Brian would not be drawn further, adding;

It’s a true story and telling in reference to how we creators can lose ourselves in the fantasies we put forth. While it is also funny, identifying the writer in question would turn the story into ridicule, which is not my goal. Take my word that this creator has been in comics for 40+ years and is well regarded for a great many popular series and characters. He’s legit, but was still prone to the odd heady euphoria of seeing your work made flesh.

While Patrick Gerard, writer of the Ungrounded comic book, had an opposite experience.

As an aside that I suppose relates to you, a friend showed up to a convention once in Ungrounded cosplay and I was flattered and flustered but certainly not on any kind of power trip as a result. He kept saying things like, “You created me, after all” and I suddenly felt a heavy responsibility.

Anyone else have tales of creators meeting their creations made flesh? Marv Wolfman always seems delighted, though ever so respectful.

And, of course, from Dave Sim, Todd McFarlane and Steve Oliff in Spawn #10…


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