Ohio Comic Store, The Wizard’s Guild, Closed This Weekend

Ohio Comic Store, The Wizard’s Guild, Closed This Weekend

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Comic shop, the Wizard’s Guild of Athens, Ohio (previously known as the Universe of Superheroes – and they still have the sign) has closed for good this past weekend, posting on Facebook,

It is with great sadness that we announce that our last day of business will be this Saturday, 2/2. We have a lot of sales going on until then. If you have any outstanding orders or store credit, we will absolutely be honoring those. If you can’t make it in by Saturday, feel free to message us to make arrangements. Thank you for sticking with us this long, we love you all.

Comments from customers included,

Amna Durrani This makes me really sad. I was introduced to so many cool and nerdy things at the guild and I’m sorry to see you guys close your doors. Wish you guys the best of luck in all future endeavors.

Dana Rae McKinley, I’m so sorry to hear this… you guys have brought joy and inclusiveness to so many folks for years. Thank you.

Adam Safran To somewhere I’ve been going in some form or another since I was 16, you’ll be missed. Thank you for giving me more than twenty years of a place to stay at, go to and geek out at, and enjoy comics and everything. You’re awesome people, and the place …See More

Sai Morgan … Oof. There’s no replacement. Y’all were such a fixture. I hope the future treats you kindly, and thank you for everything. <3

Brian Radabaugh Very sorry to hear this, I’ll miss stopping in to pick up comics. Best wishes to you all in the future.

Mike Mittman, This was my comic shop when I was at OU in the early 00’s. Lots of fun memories. Thank you!!!!!

Elias Jablonski I’m really sorry to hear this. I wish I could have been able to make it down there more. Got some good memories in that place. 😥

errell Boaz My heart is broken. I remember siding houses to help rebuild after it burned down my freshman year, playing in the most epic/terrifying shadowmoor prerelease with you Audrey Kisilewicz and thenhncountable other memories that will live on in my head about that place and the amazing friends I met there. Wishing you guys nothing but the best. Glad you kept it alive this long 😄

Brett Ankawi I’m sorry to hear this :( I’m not in Athens anymore, but the Guild was a huge part of turning me into a comic nerd. Thanks to everybody there for all the good times.

Katey Harrod, I’m so sorry to hear this, you guys. This game shop has been a fixture in Athens for decades. I’m truly sorry to see it go.

Lucas Leighty How sad. I have a ton of great memories from there.

David T. Clark Your store has gotten me through some hard times… so sorry to see this happen.

Ana Schmitt I’m sorry to hear this

Terry Boyer Oh wow. So sad to hear.

Andi Stern Oh no!

Tanner Smith Very sad news, got back into magic late last year because this place. Hate to see it go

Owner Audrey Kisilewicz told the Athens News that the business had not been profitable for a long time.

“We have tried so hard to get away from the classic image of the comic shop as a white-men-only space… because comics are getting so much more diverse, games are getting so much more diverse. It’s been really important to us to include everyone because I am a woman, and I have not always felt 100 percent welcome in gaming spaces.”

Building owner Frank Fugate told the paper that the store on West Washington has been a comic shop for years under three different owners…

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