When Superheroes Kill - Today's Green Lantern #4, Daredevil #1 and Champions #2 (Major Spoilers)

When Superheroes Kill – Today’s Green Lantern #4, Daredevil #1 and Champions #2 (Major Spoilers)

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We mentioned The Green Lantern last month. Daredevil yesterday. And The Champions today. And they all have something in common.

Last month we saw Hal Jordan kill, in cold blood, a child slave trafficker, courtesy of Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff. Was this a feint? A distraction? A possession? A hoax, a dream, an imaginary story (well yes, but you know what we mean). No. Today’s Green Lantern #4 – as well as featuring Liam Sharp’ insanely beautifully rendered The Man With No Name…



…puts Hal Jordan through the wringer. Not only murder, stampeding across the thin green line, but murder with intergalactic consequences.

And so Hal Jordan is benched. But there are greater consequences elsewhere.

A deal has been done with the devil, as Miles Morales brings back Ms Marvel and Viv Vision from the dead as time is reversed courtesy of Mephisto in Champions #2 by Jim Zub, Steve Cummings and Marcio Menyz. But in doing so, a life they saved…

… is no longer saved.

This is not the deliberate act of murder that Hal Jordan carried out. But it is just the kind of thing one may expect from doing a deal with the devil.

And talking of devils, Bleeding Cool talked about how the new Zdarsky/Checchetto/Gho relaunch was the Daredeviliest of Daredevil stories, and we gave many reasons. We also pointed out how there would be a big change for Matt Murdock as well.

That has also now come to pass.

Not technically murder. But manslaughter – if reports are correct. Daredevil may not have meant to kill the man, but he did. And the right kind of prosecution, if showing a lack of care or attention, could knock that up to a murder charge without too much effort…

So… which superheroes do you want to see killing today?

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