'Young Justice: Outsiders' Review – "Another Freak": A Strong Mix of Theme, Story [SPOILERS]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of this week's final four new episodes of the first half of DC Universe  Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season's eleventh episode, "Another Freak".

Detroit. October 15, 07:16 EDT

DC Universe

Vic blows past STAR Labs security (glad to see that building access is as much of a joke on Young Justice as it is on The Flash) to confront Silas. Vic is upset that Silas missed the football game, the post-game celebration, and the college scouts who spoke to Vic after the game. Silas says that he's working on something bigger than the two of them. Vic retorts that all of this equipment is more important to Silas than his own son. Vic turns to leave, the door accidentally pulling some poorly-connected wires free from a machine, which blows up the lab.

Happy Harbor

DC Universe

Violet is thrilled that this is the first day of high school for her and Forager. Forager is given a glamour charm forged by Zatanna to make him look like a human. Violet will be enrolled as "Violet Harper" and has chosen the name "Fred Bugg"–with two "G"s–for Forager.

Most of the high schoolers avoid Violet and Fred, labeling them as "freaks". One student, Harper Row, says that yeah, they absolutely are freaks–and that's cool: they're her kind of people. As Fred and Harper head back in from lunch, Violet is slumped over. She's been feeling sick all day, since after the explosion at STAR Labs.

Violet lights up indigo for the first time. She creates a boom tube and uses it to go…somewhere. Fred goes to get M'gann as the Happy Harbor High School administration fails at keeping tabs on their students.


DC Universe

Silas is unharmed, but Vic is a dying mess. Silas grabs the fatherbox and places it on what's left of Vic's chest. The fatherbox wraps Vic in a metal cocoon. There are no heart nor brain functions coming from within the cocoon, and the STAR Labs techs tell Silas to let Vic go. The fatherbox fuses with Vic, bringing him back to life as Cyborg.

Vic laments the life he lost. He can never go back to school, much less the gridiron. He feels like he's nothing but a freak now. The evil of the fatherbox turns Vic murderous. Vic is about to kill Silas when Violet boom tubes into the lab. Vic attacks her, but Violet's been training to control her auras and manages to incapacitate Vic. Violet turns violet (does anyone else think "You're turning violet, Violet" every time she does?) and speaks in an alien language. Her healing powers cleanse the fatherbox of evil and put Vic back in control.

Vic asks Violet to fix him, but Violet says that if he could be fixed then the previous blast would have done so. Vic asks if she'll take him with her but Silas protests, saying that Vic doesn't know anything about this girl and that Vic is safer here at STAR Labs where he can be observed. Vic refuses to be a lab rat. He says that leaving is the safest thing for Silas: because while the murderous intentions were all the fatherbox, the anger that brought it on is all his.

Violet boom tubes the two of them back to Happy Harbor, where Fred and M'gann are waiting for them.

Happy Harbor

young justice outsiders s3e11
DC Universe

Brion waits until everyone leaves, then tries to use the Justice League's portal to go to Santa Prisca to look for Tara. After three failed attempts, he is locked out of the system. Dick arrives with some news: Tara was with the League of Shadows but isn't any longer. They're trying to find out where she has been moved.

Brion lashes out at Dick, claiming that they waited too long and have lost Tara again. Brion whines about how everyone is always preaching patience at him: Dick… Gregor… his dead parents. Dick realizes that Brion's not upset with him, but is frustrated over being exiled from Markovia. After a scuffle, Dick tells Brion he has to make a choice: either continue to look back at what he's lost–or look forward to what he might become. In the end, Brion begins to make peace with his past.

"Another Freak" was a much better episode than the previous one, keeping a number of themes in play of a short period of time. From examining how we view ourselves in regards to others (the idea of "being a freak") to learning how to put one's past in the past and build a better future, we saw these issues work well through the various character arcs in play.

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