Anthem’s VIP Demo Currently Plagued With Technical Issues

BioWare and Electronic Arts launched their VIP Demo of Anthem today, but it didn’t come without hiccups as the servers have been experiencing issues. All throughout the day, people have been trying to log on and play, some with success but others with nothing but failure. Complaints online, even up to us posting this, range from the game sitting on the loading screen all the way to crashing as soon as they load into a lobby. EA is aware of the situation as they’ve been posting updates throughout the day.

We’re guessing based on what we’re seeing that the company didn’t fully anticipate how many people would want to try the game out. There’s not really an update at this time as to how long these issues are going to persist or what the current solution to the problem may be. Our best advice, wait until later tonight or even tomorrow, because flooding them with attempts to log in probably isn’t helping.

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