Mindless Speculation – First Wolverine Appearance, Hulk #181 Jumping in Value

Shortly before the Black Panther movie was announced in October 2014, sales on his first appearance, Fantastic Four #52 started to increase in price at auction. Seemingly a comic book version of insider trading, some people seemed to know. The word apparently got out among a select set of comic book collectors. And copies were picked up at above market-price ahead of the announcement. At which point, the value of the comic rocketed.

I only mention this as Incredible Hulk #181, the first full appearance of Wolverine is going through a similar spurt. One copy, CGC slabbed at 9.8 is currently at auction from ComicLink, with four hours to go. And today alone has jumped from $39,000 to $59,000.

A previous high for a 9.9 edition was $150,000 back in 2011. There is only one copy graded 9.9 and nothing at 10.0.

But 9.8 editions were selling from $20,000 to $40,000 last year, which was a bump on the $16,000 the book had been getting. But this is already at $60,000 with time to play. Yesterday the top bid on the item was $36,000.

Is it possible certain people know things? A Marvel Studios Wolverine And The X-Men movie to be announced? Just Mindless Speculation right now…

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