Matthew Rosenberg Knows Exactly What’s In A Name

Two neat nods from Matthew Rosenberg’s Marvel work that I haven’t seen explained elsewhere.

Once upon a time, Matthew Rosenberg and his partner ran a punk label called Red Leader Records. The label lost money spectacularly, but helped launch bands careers. The only relevant band for Bleeding Cool readers is End Of A Year, whose vocalist, Patrick Kindlon, later joined forces with Rosenberg to become a writing duo (End Of A Year changed their name to Self Defense Family).

So, when Matt Rosenberg titled his Astonishing X-Men mini Until Our Hearts Stop, he’s referring to Until Your Heart Stops by Cave In. Until Your Heart Stops is a metalcore touchstone, and when referring to that pre-Jane Doe era of the genre, it remains cited as the best of that class. Until Your Heart Stops sounds like watching a supercut of horror movie chases and killings (the album’s kinda long, but Cave In makes the 54-minute runtime worth it).

Until Your Heart Stops, released in 1999 by HydraHead Records
Released in 2018 by Marvel Comics

Which, given much of Until Our Hearts Stop is about the recycling of bodies and un-life, isn’t a bad way to title the work. If the above paragraph read like word salad, try a different Cave In record called Antenna.

His Kingpin mini, Born Against, is a nod to the band New York City band Born Against, famous for hyper-leftist beliefs, and accusing New York hardcore kingpins Sick Of It All of selling out by signing to a major label (both bands laugh about it now). Born Against unquestionably played the role of provocateur to the New York City scene which badly needed a provocateur.

To summarize barbarously: The bands Born Against critiqued tended to be men who projected toughness writing songs about how difficult it is to live in a bad part of town and about slights real or imagined. Born Against was one of the few bands writing lyrics and songs about the horror of knowing there’s a rape occurring every six minutes (according to RAINN, that number is now a sexual assault every minute and a half).

True to hardcore punk form, some Born Against songs aren’t even a minute long, and the recording quality’s rough. Born Against’s second compilation, The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure, is a great place to start.

Re-released in 2003 by Kill Rock Stars Records
Released in 2018 by Marvel Comics