Canadian Comic Store Runs Fundraiser to Defend Against Libel Suit

Let’s tread carefully here.

Cornwall Free News is a Canadian website which, as it puts it is “an online newspaper whose Mission is to give voice to the many who’d never have an opportunity to have a voice whether via op-ed, letters, or comments on stories. To be non-partisan and allow voices to be heard even though our ownership, editors, staff, sponsors, and viewers may not always agree with them.” It also adds in its mission statement “CFN is not just ‘the news.’ It’s people’s views. It’s what they are passionate about. It’s about showing the world what they can do or what they’ve done.”

Which is clearly why one their editor and publisher is suing comic book store and convention organiser Randy Sauve, who runs the local comic convention CAPE and owns the comic store Fantasy Realm.

It appears, though it has now been deleted, that Sauve posted online implying that CFN writer Jamie Gilcig was guilty of “fake news”.

Either way, in a rather ironic move, Gilcig has sued in the Small Claims Court. He writes,

 We’ve given Mr. Sauve multiple times to own up to his error like he did on the Standard Freeholder when he defamed me again and removed his comment after a missive by Freeholder Managing Editor Hugo Rodrigues…

We’re giving Mr. Sauve one last chance to settle before the end of the month. We have very low expectations, but it’s important to try and save court time, and at the end of the day it’s about being made whole for an injustice and holding someone accountable for defamation.

Saying a journalist writes fake news after all is like calling a priest a pedophile. You just can’t toss that around unless it’s true.

Sauve has a very different take. His store is running a number of sales to raise revenue to defend against the suit, saying on Facebook,

Fantasy Realm, a well established business for more than 30 years in downtown Cornwall, has an accumulated inventory of well over 75,000 comic books spanning the last four decades and they’re opening up the vault and giving you the opportunity to buy any of these comics for only $1.00 each.

From January 2nd and every business day concluding with the FANTASY REALM 34th Anniversary on Saturday February 2nd you can search through dozens of boxes to find that special comic book gem you’ve been looking for and at the same time support two great initiatives.

All monies raised through this promotion will go towards covering the legal fees for a Small Claims Court case involving Randy Sauve. Mr. Sauve is being sued for defamation for statements he made on his personal Facebook page about an online article that encouraged and invited readers to comment on.

Any amount raised above the legal costs will be donated to a local fundraiser of Mr. Sauve’s choosing.

And adding,

Hey Gang!! I’m here, only here. I am not able to comment on any of the story written about Carol and myself as I have been blocked or refused membership from all of the pages where the story was posted, very convenient wouldn’t you say. So while we’re here, I will say that it’s true that I am being sued for defamation and all will come to light when I have my day in court. I refused to settle in June, therefore pushing the case to trial.

I’m not looking to create any type of hate forum here, as this does happen on facebook when pages are public and anyone can comment. Especially when some commenters provoke/goad the readership.

I read a lot of news, and I share my opinions when I feel compelled to. So to YOU I say, when YOU pose the question “What do you think dear viewers? You can post your comments below.”, this statement does indeed encourage opinion contrary to what YOU may think. Toughen up.

We’ll keep an eye on which direction this case goes…




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