Tom King is Giving Up Comics Today

Superstar DC Comics writer Tom King and former CIA agent is GIVING UP COMICS! That’s right, he’s giving up comics… to government employees. Tom King is giving up his comics, the ones DC sends him as comps (unlike certain publishers) for government workers who are not receiving paychecks thanks to the government shutdown.

What did you think we were talking about?

King made the announcement earlier this week, revealing that he would appear at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland with boxes full of comics to give away and sign.

In addition to comics by other writers given to King by DC, he will also be giving away comics he wrote himself, which is sure to cheer gloomy government employees up with tales of… *checks notes*… Catwoman leaving Batman at the altar and… *checks notes*… Nightwing getting shot in the head to screw with Batman and… *checks notes*  …everyone being murdered at a PTSD crisis center for superheroes. Okay, so maybe these comics won’t cheer people up in the traditional way, but it’s still a nice gesture!

King knows what it’s like to work for the government, having formerly been a CIA agent, or, as a recent tweet revealed, the head of the entire CIA Counter-Terrorism Americas division.

Did the CIA need to review that tweet before he posted it?

In any case, King wanted to do something nice for those affected by the shutdown, and it’s all starting in less than an hour, so if you want some free comics and you’re in the DC area, bring a shovel to dig your way through mountains of accumulated garbage thanks to the shutdown and make your way to Third Eye Comics to meet with Tom King so he can show his appreciation for you. Bring your government id so you can show you work for Uncle Sam and claim your prize!


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