Will West Coast Avengers be Cancelled in April?

The new West Coast Avengers series launched in 2018 by Kelly Thompson and Stefano Caselli. Of late, the artist teams have been a little diverse, Daniele Di Nicuolo on #5, #6 and drawing #7, with Gang Hyuk Lim on the upcoming #8 and #9.

The upcoming trade collection out in February, lists as issues #1-6 on ComiXology and #1-5 on Amazon. But the listing for a second collection looks a little on the short side…

Marvel Boy is back, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Kate Bishop. Her relationship with Fuse is looking shaky, and the last thing she wants is her very hot ex hanging around] Not to mention Kate’s former Young Avengers teammate has brought a mountain of trouble to the West Coast] Can Kate clean up after Noh-Varr while keeping him far away from her love life? Read on, True Believers] Collecting: West Coast Avengers 7-10, TBD

That’s four issues and something random added on the end? This kind of thing is often a sign that a comic book has been canceled with a certain issue but Marvel hasn’t confirmed it. #10 would be listed in April 2019 solicitations, maybe that will confirm it? Or maybe Marvel will wait a month until people notice its absence…

Here’s the latest solicit for March:

(W) Kelly Thompson (A/CA) Lim, Gang Hyuk
• Creepy Hollywood cults! Gruesome blood sacrifices! Pop religion collides with serious mystic power in sunny Los Angeles, and somehow, the new Masters of Evil AND Kate Bishop’s parents AND her ex-boyfriend are tied up in it!
•  The West Coast kids go deep undercover to get to the bottom of the Temple of the Shifting Sun, but they’re about to find out that nothing is as it seems! Rated T+In Shops: Mar 20, 2019 SRP: $3.99

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