The House Of Mystery Bronze Age Omnibus – Missing a Page on Purpose?

A couple of weeks ago, DC Comics published the House Of Mystery – The Bronze Age Omnibus.

Welcome to the House of Mystery, where dark secrets are hidden in every shadow–and there may be no escape! Now these never-before-collected classic tales of the mysterious and the macabre, including THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY #174-200, are gathered for the first time in a handsome hardcover edition.

As one of the most celebrated anthology titles of the Bronze Age of comics, THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY cemented its iconic status in the 1970s under the transformative leadership of editor Joe Orlando, whose impeccable instincts yielded a cornucopia of devilish delights in every intriguing issue.

HOUSE OF MYSTERY THE BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS VOL. 1 collects issues #174-200 of the acclaimed series and features tantalizingly terrifying work from a host of comics’ greatest talents, including Bernie Wrightson, Alex Toth, Gil Kane, Marv Wolfman, Wally Wood, Neal Adams, Sergio Aragonés and many more!

It turns out, however, that the volume is missing a page from House Of Mystery #191: one of the Sergio Aragones “Page 13” gags.

DC Comics has a small history of missing out pages, mixing up pages as well as then reprinting the volumes at massive cost.

However, in line with the cancellation of the Detective Comics Before Batman Omnibus, it is possible that this missing page may not be a mistake.

Post-Batman Damned, DC Comics are being more careful than ever…

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